Thursday, May 26, 2011

What the rest of family got up to

Thanks to the official photographers, Wim van der Spiegel and Geesje de Jong, for these photos...

Registration - Nic helps dad sign in.

I witnessed this moment - a special connection between Dr Hennekam and
this cute little Spanish girl with RTS, whilst this other cutie was looking on in delight.
A precious moment.

Checking out the crowds of people from the safety or dad's lap.

Yummy RTS cakes

The participants gather to hear interesting lectures

My brilliant husband doign a short presentation on how RTS is
managed in South Africa. 

The participants laughing at one of Lloyd's many jokes...

Nic is more interested in the photographer than his dad's presentation.

Nic is trying to get out my arms to go to the photographer.

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