Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Matt's new passion is horses. So recently when we were in Hout Bay - we popped in at a local riding school (Thanks to Kate and Andrew for the referral). No-one from the riding school seemed to mind us strolling around so we spent a good part of the afternoon there. At first Matt was unsure about the horses - these real life horses were much bigger than the ones in his books and on television. But after some time he became braver and started to enjoy the experience. He loved watching the kids who were having lessons in horse jumping.

Matt and Lloyd found a fun climbing frame - Matt fearlessly climbed to the top!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Belated Easter Photos

Going through my photos today I realised that we forgot to share about Matt's Easter experience. This was the first year Matt REALLY got into it. My mom was very creative - turning the traditional Easter Egg hunt into a special treat for Matt. She wrapped Matt's favourite chips - Simba puffs - in yellow paper, tied with a yellow pipe cleaner. Whilst Matt had his nap we hung up these yellow surprises all around our garden.

After we helped Matt find the first yellow "egg" and unwrap it he quickly got the idea. It was great that he could have the immediate satisfaction of unwrapping the paper and eating the tasty snack. Soon he was unstoppable...

Oh the joy!

Great exercise for those small fingers to unwrap the paper!

Reaching high and low to find the "eggs"

And not minding to share with his grandpa!

And we then there was the Easter bunny. Matt was unsure about this thing - as he had not yet associated it with chocolate. Next year will most likely be different.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some fun...

For the last few weeks I haven't been up to blogging much. In the last month I took some photos of Matt having fun, enjoying the last days of summer.

Matt is slowly coming to terms with paint. For a long time he was very uncomfortable with the feel of paint. Slowly paint is becoming his friend.

Matt won a tea set at a friend's birthday party. Matt surprised us by really enjoying a pretend cup of tea... pouring, stirring and best of all "the sip". Followed by an audible "aaaah"

And then there is the pretend chocolate...almost as good as the real thing.