Monday, June 18, 2007

Uncle Neeb is 42 - 18th June 2007

Lloyd has an older brother called Lance, his nickname is "Neeb". Matt thinks its quite funny that his Uncle Neeb is now 42 years old.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Matt’s dedication: Our dedication

With God’s help and grace we dedicate ourselves:

To love Matthew.

To help him be all that God has made him to be, not what we think he should be or what others say he should be.

To delight in the things he can do, rather than despair in the things he cannot do.

To share our relationship with God with him.

To let him know that he is precious and that his life has purpose.

To learn from him.

To use our experiences from him to help others.

To hold him close, but never too tightly, knowing that God has got Him in his hands.

Matt’s dedication: Poem from Stanzi


I have seen your river
bright and full and sparkling with fish,
green and gleaming things.

I have waded waded into
the water deeply,
clumsily hoping to catch words
to show this picture, this love, this dream.

A man – a man – once made many fish from two
leaving over so much
the basket-carriers didn’t know
what to do.

This man kneads the bread of life,
feeding need until more is left
over than all we ask or imagine;
Cups that flow over
And over
And over

This man, this GOD I know,
His words changed into a stream
and the stream flows with life.
Can you hear Him calling
the fishermen to fish until
they become the stream?
Calling soft-handed masters to wash
Their servants’ dusty feet,
and hoarders to cast
their bread upon the waters?

THIS is what I pray for you:

Wide, wild water
freshly living and filled
with lively grace,
silver fish that miraculously

Matthew J.Tooke may
your life be filled with
pools of greenness like your eyes
the blue of water,
grey pregnant skies;
may your life be flooded
with these things I love for you –
may yours be the river
of revelations twenty-two
and yours the water
of psalm twenty-three.

Little precious boy much loved
may you truly, splashingly
and may your swimming, soaring soul
always and in truth
be free.

Matt's Dedication: Quotes

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
-Corrie ten Boom

Jesus chose to be around small children a number of times in his ministry, often over the objections of his disciples. Sometimes he seems to have done this in order to hold children up as examples of the childlike qualities that enable God's Realm. But maybe, sometimes, he just wanted to hold them.
- Susan Ross

Matt's Dedication: From Grandpa (Lloyd's Dad)


Man’s history often intertwines
With strands of mystery from the weavers hand
And Grace is often seen from weeping eye
As counter to our hopes of bright benevolence

Thus we all with puzzlement and with dread
Received the news of something different and obscure.
That seemed to mark a harder weaker poorer life
For one we all held dear and longed to take upon our breast.

At first it seemed we had the right to mourn what could have been
And see, in all the trial and stress of giving nourishment
To one who hardly knew the method and the means
the anxious cause and reason for our fear.

And more malignant yet reports of deeper threat
That strangled the vital capacities to breathe and live.
Four times it seems the journey went to the limit of his life
And revealed the fragile, journey of our infant child

But from his soul there came a surer sign
A toughness to endure, to carry on
Courage like a lion began to beat and this small warrior
Like Hercules to kill the snake, reached out to claim his right to live.

And peeping from his seeking eyes came looks
That seemed amazed at us as though
Nothing quite so good or cute or grand
Could possibly be true or real

And smiles exploding from beneath his nose
Quite made the world ignite with mirth
and we forgot all else to take his lead
and follow in his bright delight.

And fists that clench and legs that kick
More dangerous than a Springbok pack
And voice that cries imperiously
“Come and get me if you dare!”

One thing is sure it is our hope
That in some loss can lie perfection’s way
That weakness is the preface to a strength
That uncertainty is quite the cause for faith

The poor will prosper and the last come first
The least will yet be greatest you will see
And service may be offered best
Bound up in the cords of small humility

So Welcome Matt you are much more than hope
You foster triumph as you go
We hold to you in ever greater joy
To banish fear and past regret

Here are our hands our hearts our help
Our arms to lift the burdens on the way
Your dates with destiny we’re sure
Are kept within the Grace of God.

Matt's Dedication: From Mormor (Jacqui’s mother)

And this is for you Matthew.
And it is about a few of the reasons Why I love you

Now - what IS this thing - called Love?

Love is:
funny enough very hard to define - but it gives us a nice, warm fuzzy feeling that keeps on growing - and my love for you just keeps on growing - deeper and deeper - and I am SO happy that you were born into our family.

Love is also:
your sweet smiles that make the sun come out - even in bad weather. You are holding the light, which shows US the way - even your strength is a great example to us.

Love is even:
when you show your independence by showing intense interest in something or an absolute dislike for something else. There is sooo much to
learn - and will we all love to help you. :-)

Love is definitely also:
the many special moments we have had together - right from the beautiful, starry evening when you were born - to the day when you asked me for a sip of milk from a really big cup. I simply love those impromptu moments and am looking forward to many, many more :-)

Love is also
when God hears all our prayers for you - right from people in places near the end of Africa right through to people in places near the top of Europe.

But Love is so much more, Matthew
what really counts - is for all of us to live lovingly together - just like God always wanted his children to live - and I am sooo thankful, that you were born one of God's children - and that you are the son of Jacqui and Lloyd -
and that you are my grandson. :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The places where Matt has bathed

There must be quiet a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know any of them. Sylvia Plath (American Poet & Novelist)