Saturday, June 16, 2007

Matt's Dedication: From Mormor (Jacqui’s mother)

And this is for you Matthew.
And it is about a few of the reasons Why I love you

Now - what IS this thing - called Love?

Love is:
funny enough very hard to define - but it gives us a nice, warm fuzzy feeling that keeps on growing - and my love for you just keeps on growing - deeper and deeper - and I am SO happy that you were born into our family.

Love is also:
your sweet smiles that make the sun come out - even in bad weather. You are holding the light, which shows US the way - even your strength is a great example to us.

Love is even:
when you show your independence by showing intense interest in something or an absolute dislike for something else. There is sooo much to
learn - and will we all love to help you. :-)

Love is definitely also:
the many special moments we have had together - right from the beautiful, starry evening when you were born - to the day when you asked me for a sip of milk from a really big cup. I simply love those impromptu moments and am looking forward to many, many more :-)

Love is also
when God hears all our prayers for you - right from people in places near the end of Africa right through to people in places near the top of Europe.

But Love is so much more, Matthew
what really counts - is for all of us to live lovingly together - just like God always wanted his children to live - and I am sooo thankful, that you were born one of God's children - and that you are the son of Jacqui and Lloyd -
and that you are my grandson. :-)

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