Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Matt's Sports Day 2013

Some photos from Matt's School Sports Day in November.
Matt is on the on the far left. He had to run to the blue basin, fill a cup with water, head back to the start to pour it out, and then to the finish line. I think - I remember correctly.

Go Matt Go!

Almost at the finish line!
Matt and Gemma celebrating their medals.

Nic got to participate in the siblings race which he loved!!!

Appreciating Matt's Teachers

For teacher's appreciation day earlier this year in October (yes I am still behind in my blogging!), Matt and I put together this 6 minute video clip for his teacher Mrs Rushby, and his teacher's assistant, Romelia. There some fun sound clips where you can also hear how Matt's talking is slowly coming on.

Good bye Tonsils

In October Matt had his tonsils out (yes I am behind on my blogging!!!). Matt had been experiencing sleep apnea and so removing tonsils would help improve night time breathing. We have also been really concerned about Matt's persistent cough over the winter time, so during the op a pulmonologist did a scope of his lungs to check out if there were any concerns. 

Matt was quite excited to be in the hospital. He has learnt about doctors and nurses at school and loved greeting these professionals as they walked passed him. He also loved it when they wheeled his bed to theatre. It meant travelling through a number of passages and up in an elevator. Matt experienced it as a fun ride.
Once in theatre Matt became anxious and it was hard to hold him as he fought against receiving the sleeping gas. There is nothing quite as stark and lonely as walking away from one's unconscious child, leaving him in the hands of strangers.
Matt's operation went well. There was a short moment of panic as he was recovering, apparently his vocal chords went into spasm which made his breathing difficult. The anaesthetist had to intervene quickly and I am told managed it well. After what felt like many hours, but really only a couple, I was able to see my boy. He was kept in the high care for 24 hours just to monitor his breathing.

Still not awake. So vulnerable.

Keeping a very drowsy Matt company with lots of Dora stories.

Starting to feel much better. Love that first smile!

Lots of waiting, playing iPad...

More sleeping

Watching some TV which was on the ceiling.
We both had a fitful night sleep with nurses checking on him every hour, lots of beeping machines and too much light. Before Matt was released home the pulmonologist wanted to do a CT scan of his lungs just to check up some things she picked up in the scope. Once again Matt - much to his delight - was wheeled around the hospital. The CT scan, for those of you who have not had the joy, is shaped liked a giant circle which is in an upright position, and there is a bed which moves into the whole of this circle shape. As soon as Matt saw this contraption he queried "doughnut?" They struggled to get him to lie still enough so he needed to be sedated. Despite not being fully conscious Matt has vivid memories of this giant doughnut and often talks about it. Finally we could go home.

And what joy to be welcomed home by dad and Nic. I love this pic.