Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Big brother again...

Matt has taken to his role of big brother for a second time marvellously. At the end of June his little sister, Kara Joy, was born. (This also explains my absence from blogging).


Matt has shown us his gentle side. Matt likes his routine in all areas of life - also with Kara. He has this little ritual of engaging with Kara and this gets played out in the exact same manner a number of times during the day...

Matt asks: "Hold him" (he still gets his gender pronouns a bit confused)
Matt sits and waits for me to put Kara on his lap. As she rests in his arms he beams like a lighthouse on a dark night.

Matt says: "Kiss her"
He proceeds to give her a quick kiss and hands her back immediately, keeping his cuddle very short.  
And he always ends the interaction with “Aah so cute” and I am expected to repeat this phrase in agreement with him.

Matt has his own little baby that he cares for, often mimicking what I do with Kara. Hugging, cuddling, and giving kissing his doll has a real baby. He has even given her a name: "Goo goo ga ga"

Matt gets distressed with Kara’s crying and will frantically start a search for her dummy (pacifier) when she wails. I will hear his heavy footsteps running from various parts of our house as goes dummy-hunting, and often he returns triumphantly with it to appease Kara. If he can’t find it he stays well away from her until I’ve settled her.

Matt was totally delighted when Kara was able to smile back at him. Her toothless grin is like sunshine and Matt has developed just the right tilt of the head and big grin to make Kara giggle. It is wonderful watching the two interact. In fact it is precious watching all three of my kids interact.