Monday, July 2, 2012

Matt's friend

During these winter holidays I have arranged a few playdates with Matt's school friends. Matt has been interested in these visitors although a little reserved. In all honestly most of these friends are invited because I have gotten to know the mothers and it has been easy to make the arrangements. They may not be the ones Matt would have chosen. Matt hasn't really communicated a preference for a particular child. So I have been left to my own discernment

What has been most special is that one girl in Matt's class initiated a visit. She reportedly begged her mom for a playdate with Matt. And her mother heard and responded. So Matt and Maya had their playdate last week at our place. Maya was brimming with excitement to see Matt's play area and his room and his toys. But was most touching for me was the way she was just thrilled to spend time with Matt. I can see that she "gets him" and I don't have to explain him to her. In fact most of the time she was explaining him to me. And she talks to him. Not relying on me in the communication. And she is not perturbed if he doesn't really answer her, but is delighted when he does.

It was quite marvellous for me to meet Matt's friend. A friend who he had found on his own, without his mother being there to mediate or explain. A friend who really sees him for who he is and thinks he is wonderful.