Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Lovin Summa

Marathon mind-set

Since our last post we have had one other successful poo in the potty moment, and a whole lot of accidents. I realise that this toilet training process is more like a marathon than a sprint. So I am working hard to get my mindset right so I don't stress when he soils himself.
I don't get frustrated that he has made an accident, it is more the fear that he might never be toilet trained that plagues my thoughts. I have to remind myself that he has learnt SO much, and has come SO far, and that this too will be conquered in his time. We continue to celebrate the small victories along the way.
Matt returns to school this week, so I am a bit nervous about how he is going to manage only wearing underpants. We shall see.
UPDATE: I had a great chat with Matt's teacher yesterday who completely reassured me that she isn't freaked out about poo and will follow on at school with the toilet training as we do at home. I felt very relieved. Today was Matt's first day at school and he was still dry when I got there. Small steps, lots of small steps is this journey.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Matt made his first poo in the potty today!!!

Celebration in the Tooke household!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toilet Training

We have started toilet training Matt. Last year November we noticed that Matt would put his hand in his nappy every time he peed. We wondered if he might be potty-training ready, although he didn't really display any other signs of readiness. After consulting our RTS support group and getting some good advice we decided to start during the two weeks in December when Lloyd was on holiday.
A while back I read another RTS mom's advice about how we cannot really train our kids to go potty, rather we can give the the potty great PR and trust that when they are ready they will go for it. So that has been our approach for a number of months with Matt - lots of excitement when mom or dad goes to the toilet. And lots of pointing out to Matt when he had made a wee or poo.
I was really unsure about how Matt would take to all of this. And although, I shouldn't have been, I was surprised by how quickly Matt understood what was expected of him. However understanding is one thing and executing is another. So we started one step at a time - first he learnt to pee in the garden where there are no restrictions or places to mess. Matt was initially quite freaked out by his pee and would stop as soon has he started. Now he is very confident and goes whenever requested, which is usually every 45 minutes or so. And with this method he has not had any pee-related accidents for almost 2 weeks.
Second step is learning to pee in the toilet. Matt stands on a little step in front of the loo and is now confident to pee - however the aiming-thing needs a fair amount of work.
Our next step is to somehow help Matt recognise that he needs to go and tell us. This week I am going to not remind him to go and see what happens.
The big challenge the whole poo thing. We need some help with this - any ideas are welcome. Although Matt has learnt to pee standing up (he just LOVES imitating his dad), he really doesn't mind sitting on the potty. He is happy to sit there for ages as long as we are happy to entertain him with book reading, however he is not sure how to make a poo in the potty. We have tried to catch him in the process and put him on the potty. I think he understands what is required, but still needs to figure out how to control his body. He doesn't tell us he needs to go, so we have to be really observant. Sometimes he has started making a poo in his pants and then he stops because he realises it shouldn't be there, but then when you put him on the potty after this he just can't quite make it happen. And shortly after he is off the potty, when back in his underpants, out it comes.
We are determined to not put any pressure on him in this regard, and I am hoping with time we will figure it out together.
We are really so proud of the progress he has made in the last few weeks.