Friday, March 12, 2010

my squishy heart

My heart is a melted puddle of joy. The glorious reason behind my emotional mushiness is the fact that Matt has started saying "mama".

A month ago, on my birthday morning (after a lot of coaching from his dad) Matt uttered that precious word as a birthday greeting. Since then he hasn't repeated it much. Until two days ago when something "clicked" in his brain. Once he started he couldn't was hilarious. For about 2 hours he would come running up to me with great excitement, exclaiming "mama, mama, mamam, mamam, mama, mama, mama" It seemed like he was so thrilled he could say that word that we wanted to practice it as much as possible in case he forgot how to do it.

The last two days he has used it appropriately to describe me, get my attention and announce my entrance into a room.

Hence the squishy state of my heart.