Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Matt's shining moment

Matt, caught up in the the drumming beat, his little hands keeping pace, he is at home.

He, who normally is conscious of people around him, didn't seem to mind the crowd of people who were watching him. Maybe he sensed, what I sensed, that most people were totally enamoured by him and his drumming.
We were attending a fundraising luncheon held in aid of the NGO where I volunteer. The venue was our church hall, where Matt is well at ease. The programme included this interactive drumming session, where audience participation was welcomed and encouraged. As soon as the drumming started, I turned to Matt intending to ask him if he wanted to join in. But he was already on his way up. Drawn by the music. The drumming instructor is a friend of ours and knows Matt. He quickly included Matt into the drumming circle as you can see. And Matt's little hands added a unique rhythm the melodic beat. Matt attends a drumming class every week after school which has clearly increased his confidence, ability and passion for drumming.  
The camera doesn't quite pick it up, but I was almost certain that Matt was shining.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt - belated

I have had difficulty uploading photos onto blogger for a while, but finally I seemed to have found a solution. Here are photos from Matt's 6 Year Birthday Party - which actually took place in early October.
In keeping with Matt's love for Toy Story we had a Woody Party for his birthday. We kept it small, simple and brimming with games that Matt enjoys.
A home-made present from Jude - check out more about this boy and this gift here.

Lloyd's dad - who lives in Howick - was fortunately visiting Cape Town and joined in the birthday festivities.

Matt's great anticipation and attention -watching as Lloyd gets everyone excited about the party and the forthcoming activities...lots of yeehaa-ing and howdy-ing
Duck-Duck-Goose - one of Matt's favourite games
Find-The-Toy-Soldiers, they're hiding in the bushes.
A fun trampoline game that Lloyd invented
Build-a-Potato-Head game followed closely by...
Waterballoon-the-Potato-Heads game

Pass-the-Parcel, or in Matt's case, Pelt-the-Parcel to the next person.

Squirt-the-Cups-Over game - try knock over the cups. And yes, little Nic is shooting water in his own face.

Drumming-Whilst-Being-A-Strange-Animal game

Cooperative-Puzzle-Building, a bit challenging for 5 year olds who all want to do it by themselves!
And finally - the most exciting thing about birthdays for Matt - the Happy Birthday Song
Followed by Matt's 2nd most favourite brithday thing - cupcakes
And to finish off a wonderful time of play and eating,
our now 6-year old decided a drum solo was required
Happy Birthday to our precious Matt

Matt's 1st Sports Day

Matt surprised me once again - he walked around a field 6 times! On our family walks he usually asks to be carried after a little while, and much persuasion is required to keep him walking. I was doubtful if he would want to participate in his schools sports day walk - but with a friendly hand from Romelia, and stops along the way to be rewarded with snacks, juice and a stamp at the completion of each round, Matt conquored!


Both Lloyd and I were a little emotional watching Matt participate in the potato-and-spoon race. Matt loves the "on your marks, get set and go" part of races. We could see he was rearing to go. Soon as the whistle blew he was off. Quickly he decided that holding the potato on the spoon was way too cumbersome, and threw the potato to one side, clutched the spoon tightly and ran as fast as he could to the finish line. We were all so thrilled at his mighty effort, that we totally forgot to take a photo of him with his medal. (I love this school - all the kids get a medal for participation)

Go Matt!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Through a Friend's Eyes

One of Matt's friends mom, Sharon, posted this beautiful perspective on her son's friendship with Matt. It really touched my heart, seeing Matt through her eyes, and her son, Jude's eyes. I often get so caught up in my view of Matt, it is refreshing to see him, and what inclusive education means from another angle.

Click here to check it out: A Friend Called Matt