Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt - belated

I have had difficulty uploading photos onto blogger for a while, but finally I seemed to have found a solution. Here are photos from Matt's 6 Year Birthday Party - which actually took place in early October.
In keeping with Matt's love for Toy Story we had a Woody Party for his birthday. We kept it small, simple and brimming with games that Matt enjoys.
A home-made present from Jude - check out more about this boy and this gift here.

Lloyd's dad - who lives in Howick - was fortunately visiting Cape Town and joined in the birthday festivities.

Matt's great anticipation and attention -watching as Lloyd gets everyone excited about the party and the forthcoming activities...lots of yeehaa-ing and howdy-ing
Duck-Duck-Goose - one of Matt's favourite games
Find-The-Toy-Soldiers, they're hiding in the bushes.
A fun trampoline game that Lloyd invented
Build-a-Potato-Head game followed closely by...
Waterballoon-the-Potato-Heads game

Pass-the-Parcel, or in Matt's case, Pelt-the-Parcel to the next person.

Squirt-the-Cups-Over game - try knock over the cups. And yes, little Nic is shooting water in his own face.

Drumming-Whilst-Being-A-Strange-Animal game

Cooperative-Puzzle-Building, a bit challenging for 5 year olds who all want to do it by themselves!
And finally - the most exciting thing about birthdays for Matt - the Happy Birthday Song
Followed by Matt's 2nd most favourite brithday thing - cupcakes
And to finish off a wonderful time of play and eating,
our now 6-year old decided a drum solo was required
Happy Birthday to our precious Matt

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