Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Matt's shining moment

Matt, caught up in the the drumming beat, his little hands keeping pace, he is at home.

He, who normally is conscious of people around him, didn't seem to mind the crowd of people who were watching him. Maybe he sensed, what I sensed, that most people were totally enamoured by him and his drumming.
We were attending a fundraising luncheon held in aid of the NGO where I volunteer. The venue was our church hall, where Matt is well at ease. The programme included this interactive drumming session, where audience participation was welcomed and encouraged. As soon as the drumming started, I turned to Matt intending to ask him if he wanted to join in. But he was already on his way up. Drawn by the music. The drumming instructor is a friend of ours and knows Matt. He quickly included Matt into the drumming circle as you can see. And Matt's little hands added a unique rhythm the melodic beat. Matt attends a drumming class every week after school which has clearly increased his confidence, ability and passion for drumming.  
The camera doesn't quite pick it up, but I was almost certain that Matt was shining.  

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Debbie said...

A couple of weeks ago I spotted Matt sitting outside waiting for his drumming session drumming away on his lunchbox! He has a gift for sure.