Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marathon mind-set

Since our last post we have had one other successful poo in the potty moment, and a whole lot of accidents. I realise that this toilet training process is more like a marathon than a sprint. So I am working hard to get my mindset right so I don't stress when he soils himself.
I don't get frustrated that he has made an accident, it is more the fear that he might never be toilet trained that plagues my thoughts. I have to remind myself that he has learnt SO much, and has come SO far, and that this too will be conquered in his time. We continue to celebrate the small victories along the way.
Matt returns to school this week, so I am a bit nervous about how he is going to manage only wearing underpants. We shall see.
UPDATE: I had a great chat with Matt's teacher yesterday who completely reassured me that she isn't freaked out about poo and will follow on at school with the toilet training as we do at home. I felt very relieved. Today was Matt's first day at school and he was still dry when I got there. Small steps, lots of small steps is this journey.

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Cindy said...

I'm sorry the first poo wasn't followed by many more in the toilet. Natalie still rarely poops on the toilet. We still leave her in underwear except when we go to church/restaurant/party where it would be highly inconvenient to change poopy clothing. She wears underwear to school and her teacher has told me she will change poopy clothes every day if that's what it takes. I hope Matt's teacher is as understanding.

I feel it will take Natalie a long time, (mostly because she isn't bothered by having soiled clothes) but I think she will learn it. I pray you can stay optimistic with Matt too...he's a smart kid, and he will figure it out. But in his own time, just as in everything else.