Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Matt's new passion is horses. So recently when we were in Hout Bay - we popped in at a local riding school (Thanks to Kate and Andrew for the referral). No-one from the riding school seemed to mind us strolling around so we spent a good part of the afternoon there. At first Matt was unsure about the horses - these real life horses were much bigger than the ones in his books and on television. But after some time he became braver and started to enjoy the experience. He loved watching the kids who were having lessons in horse jumping.

Matt and Lloyd found a fun climbing frame - Matt fearlessly climbed to the top!


Jo Bach said...

Hi Jacqui
We went this morning to Oude Molen (just past Vincent Palotti) and they have lots of horses there. There were kids having lessons, but also just lots of horses to pet. They also have a small cafe and kids play area (tree house, sandpit, slide etc), and there were many families with kids. May be worth trying out one weekend?
Love Jo

Kristi said...

Matt and Noah have the same passion. Beautiful pictures.

Cindy said...

What a fun outing! Is Matt going to take lessons?