Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have come home

I walked into the registration area of the conference, a large passage way filled with people. Many of these people looked like they could be Matt's brother or sister - there were small kids running around, crawling on the floor and in wheel chairs, there were older teens dancing in time to the music playing or moving from person to person giving hugs. And they all had that special, beautiful RTS look that we have come to love in our Matt.

It was like coming home.

Fighting back tears of joy and strong emotions bursting forth from that place of feeling like you finally belong, I started greeting these strangers who quickly felt like family.

We have had an afternoon of chatting to parents; playing with each others kids; followed by an evening of sharing a meal together and more chatting. Comparing notes, sharing funny stories, hearing about the tough journeys - sharing so deeply with people who we have just met, but could have been our friends for a thousand years.

I am loving being here.

Tomorrow the talks, workshops and the official conference starts.

So looking forward to it.

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