Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matt at the RTS Conference

Here are some pics taken by the official conference photographers that capture some of Matt's experiences.

At the registration we were treated to some music;
can you see little Matt in the background fascinated with the tunes?
(Photo: Wim and Geesje)
Matt was intrigued by Carter's ipad.
(Photo: Wim and Geesje)
Matt and his slinky
(Photo: Wim and Geesje)
Time to meet everyone
(Photo: Wim and Geesje)

Matt finds a friend - Jona

Jona and Matt in the play room

Matt LOVED the bouncy castle in the children's programme

Matt with his Mormor (granny) watching the ducks
-Thanks Mormor for keeping an eye on Matt
whilst mom and dad were in the talks.
(Photo: Wim and Geesje)

On the Saturday we attended various clinics - dentist, eye test,
speech therapist, psychologist - for individual advice for Matt.
Matt intrigued by the bubble lights in the Snoezelen room (like a multi-sensory room)
Thanks to Wim van der Spiegel and Geesje de Jong for allowing us to use their photos on our blog. 

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