Sunday, May 29, 2011

Future Fears

In reflecting on my time at the conference I realised that I tended to befriend those with RTS kids in a similar age range as Matt. This was not a conscious decision, and not something I noticed at the time. Was it because I could relate better to those parents, they were on a familiar part of the journey as me. I know this section of the road well. But I also think I was actually avoiding those with older children.  Because, although I am at peace with this part of the journey - I must confess that I am still terrified of Matt's future. And I function well every day by deliberately NOT allowing myself to think about Matt as a teen or an adult. I think that it would have been just too emotionally challenging for me to connect with the parents of teen and adults with RTS. There was one mom who I did get to know who has a teenage daughter with RTS - I met her by accident, over supper on the last night. We had a good chat, in which she was really honest about the challenges as well as the joys. I am grateful for my connection with her, though I was very emotionally moved by her story. Maybe at the next conference (whenever that maybe) I will develop greater courage to build bonds with those further down the road than me, and to also get to know these RTS teens and adults a bit better.


Kelly said...

I can relate as i feel the same way. Glad we have each other when our sweet young ones grow up and we will have a new set of challenges.

melissa said...

guess what, you are exactly like many moms who have a difficult time imagining their sons as teens! mine will be thirteen August 1st, 2011. I can't remember a time when I haven't worried about being a good mom to my son as a teenager!