Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RTS Cape Town

On Sunday we met up with Matt's younger RTS brother and sister. It is always so nourishing and inspiring to connect with these two families. Over a leisurely afternoon tea we swopped stories, shared advice, celebrated progresses, encouraged and supported each other.
The youngest is pretty Payton (on the left) with her mother Tamsyn. Then big boy Matt in the middle, and on the right is Sam (aka Smurf) and his mom Nicky. (If you haven't already checked out Sam's blog, follow this link.) The dads were also part of the gathering, but they were outside watching older siblings who were swimming in the pool.

It proved to be very tricky to get all three cutie-pies to remain seated, looking at the camera and smiling - despite a very energetic rendition of Wheels-Of-The-Bus by yours truly. So this pic was the best of the lot.
What precious little people.


Cindy said...

what great pictures! I'm so glad you have good RTS friends nearby.

Sysser said...

Aaah cute picture of the kids sitting in a row. Fantastic you guys found each other in the first place and are keeping up the friendship.

Tamsyn said...

Love these pics of our little angels :)