Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Matt's end of year concert

Matt's teacher emailed us these pictures of the end of year concert. I was there but only managed to take some really poor video clips (whilst holding Nic) for Lloyd who sadly couldn't attend. Matt was unwell on the day of the concert, but still managed to enjoy it a little.

We are so grateful to his teacher Debbie for the excellent way she has included Matt into this group and how she has allowed him to be who he is, but has also introduced him to some new things. I am told that the kids have also been embracing of Matt - with one or two taking on a protective role of calling Debbie when Matt needs help climbing the jungle gym, or making sure Matt gets the playdough when it is being handed out. Others were not sure how much Matt could understand and would ask Debbie to ask Matt things, but she has encouraged them to talk directly to Matt and he was responded well to this. We look forward to Matt attending there for a 2nd year. Thank you Debbie.

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Sysser said...

I am sure Matt is looking forward to the play group starts again in Jan 2011 .. he seems to really like it there.