Friday, December 31, 2010


I want to end the year off with a positive post. I have an inspiring memory of Matt from the year that I return to whenever I need to rejuvenate my spirit.

I think it was in November - we were watching the news and Matt saw some aeroplanes on the TV. He became excited, pointed, and signed aeroplane (while saying "ane, ane"). He then jumped up, rummaged through his toys, until he found his aeroplane puzzle. With great agitation he pointed to the aeroplane puzzle and then to the TV.

"Yes Matt there is an aeroplane on the TV and on your puzzle, you are really good at joining the dots, aren't you???" I said

Matt grinned at me, and gave me a look that communicated healthy confidence whilst also communicated a mom-you-should-know-me-better message. Then he signed the word clever whilst boldly declaring "vava".

What could I say, Matt is indeed clever.


Kelly said...

So clever! Happy New Year! Kelly F

Nicky said...

So very clever indeed, I can just picture him doing that - precious angel that he is!

Pam said...

Thanks Jaqui - What a wonderful story with which to end one year and start the next! When you told me this story Matt was sitting in the rocking boat and facing you, while I faced him as I was working on his feet and balance. I wish all your readers could have seen his face sparkle with pride and his grin of delight as the story unfolded, and of course he then signed (a slightly abbreviated version of) clever just to emphasise the point. Matt, your blogsite is so great because you are now telling the world (with the help of your mom as scribe) to remember that people who can't yet/can't speak are often people who have a high level of understanding of what's happening around them (especially the emotional aspects), don't miss a thing and get to be clever through finding creative ways of interacting and communicating with the world without many words - best wishes for a really special year - love to you all from Pam