Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas Present

The night of the 23rd December Matt could hardly sleep as the itchiness of his cast was bothering him so much. So intense was his scratching it looked like he was trying to scrape his skin out from under his skin. His normal cry was replaced by a panicky scream alternating with a miserable whimper. It was heart breaking. Finally exhaustion and the effects of a light sedative released him from the suffering into a kind sleep. The next morning we managed to squeeze him into the surgeon's schedule. It was decided that the benefits of keeping the cast on were not outweighing the suffering it inflicted.

What a joyous Christmas present - to be completely cast free!!!!!

Matt was blessed with a number of presents from various family members and friends. However one stood out from the rest. My dad had made him a cricket set - with bat, ball and cricket stumps. Matt immediately grabbed the stumps and transformed them into drum sticks. These "drum sticks" are his absolute favourite - taking them with him everywhere drumming to every tune he hears. In addition to drumming on the floor, chairs, upturned buckets, and tin cans; and he is a pretty good air-drummer.
This year Matt really understood a lot more about the Christmas celebration. He certainly was the most excited we've seen him about unwrapping his presents. On Christmas eve he came to us signing house and saying "ouse ouse??" with a definite question tone. He was referring to the nativity scene my parents have in their home. Matt was genuinely curious and listened as we shared with him our beliefs around Jesus birth. It was special to be able to share with him our faith. And I was particularly delighted that he asked a question about something. Often I see my friends kids asking why? and what's that? and I've wondered if Matt wonders about things. I am thrilled that he does, I look forward to answering more of his questions.

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Kristi said...

Beautiful blog entry. It is so special that Matt was able to tell you what was on his mind. I know what you mean about the wondering part.. Merry Christmas to your whole family.