Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haven't got all your presents yet?

Here is an idea if you are needing that last present but you can't bear to face the heavy traffic and maddening crowds - how about giving a donation to a Very Worthy Cause on behalf of the person to whom you want to give a present. Often we end up buying family and friends presents that they don't need (and may not even want??). By giving to a Very Worthy Cause you not only bless the ones who are in desparate needs of funds , but you also warm the heart of the your family member who knows that their "gift" is making a tangible difference this Christmas.

And, although I know of many worthy causes, one has been on my heart for the last while. Remember I wrote about another mom's blog that I had been following. Sadly her precious son Nathan passed away this year. She and another mom who also has lost a child have started a website, called A Random Act Of Kindness (ARK) to raise funds to assist parents who are caring for kids with Cerebral Palsy. Here is the link to the their website: http://www.arandomactofkindness.co.za/.
Even if you have all your presents sorted and are not looking for a last minute gift, it is worth checking out and remembering the next time you feel prompted to want to make a difference in this world.
My prayer is that the memory of this young boy Nathan will never fade from those who knew him, but will continue to inspire us to find the good in all who we meet and motivate us to reach out to those who may be struggling to live in a world that has not been designed for them.
May you all have a blessed Christmas

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