Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tonight my heart is very heavy and sore for a family that I have met over the internet. They live in South Africa in a town near ours. I have been following their journey of raising a child with severe special needs. I have written about him in a previous post. He died yesterday after a fight with pneumonia whilst still recovering from an anti-reflux operation.

His name is Nathan. He was 3 years and 3 days old.

I got to know him this year through his mother’s blog. Although I have not met this brave boy face to face, his life he has taught me some very important things:

All life is sacred and worth fighting for.

Children with challenges can draw out brilliant courage and compassion in their parents and other people.

We should not take any of our luxuries for granted – the simple luxuries of breathing, eating, and sitting up when we want.

We can never control what life throws our way so we should live with grateful hearts for every day that is given to us.

Today I honour Carina – a mother with a deep well of love and a fighting spirit
I pray God comforts her and her family during this season

Today I remember Nathan – a gift from God
I am sad I will never get to see him on this earth, but I rejoice knowing that he has found great freedom in his spiritual body and great joy in the warm arms of His Dad.


carina said...

Thank you. Love Matt. Life is too short. I am battling

Myssie said...

My heart is breaking for Carina and her family. I am praying for sweet Nathan.

Emil said...

We all mourn for him, and pay tribute each in our own special way. I did not know him long - Carina, amongst all her challenges found time to leave a footprint on my blog, and in this short time, for some reason, Nathan - without me knowing or meeting him - profoundly affected my life. And so does all God's little Angels!