Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am humbled by Matt

Matthew had physiotherapy this morning. Pam is the name of his physio and her therapy rooms are very open plan and those waiting for their session sit amongst some of those who are having therapy. Pam introduces everyone so that all are comfortable with each other. Matt quite enjoys being able to have therapy amongst others. We usual don't have physio on Wednesdays so we met some new faces, including a 40-something year old man who had some type of disability - I was not sure what. He seemed to have a friendly face, he walked slowly with a limp, and seemed to find it hard to talk.
I was surprised by my reaction to him - I felt awkward and uncertain as to how I should approach him. Here I am a mom who is raising a child with special needs that feels awkward around an adult with special needs. I realised I have a lot more to learn.
At the end our session Matt and I said goodbye to this gentleman - he reached out and shook my hand. Matt was in my arms - he smiled the broadest smile ever and waved goodbye. The man smiled back - a warm beautiful smile - and waved. Matt chuckled. Something special was being communicated between the two of them. My awkwardness dissolved - I felt comfortable being there. Matt showed me how to relax, to smile, to reach out, to just be me and then to connect. Thank you Matt!

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