Thursday, June 12, 2008

The things Matt gets up to

Here are some fun Matt moments that we managed to capture on camera. These show that raising a kid with special needs isn't always a tough, uphill battle. Don't get me wrong, we still have our challenges and there are tough days. But as we learn to not to take life too seriously, and to enjoy each day for what it brings, then we find there are actually lots of FUN moments to be had...

There are books to be read and flaps to be lifted!

There is toilet paper to be pulled and torn and scrunched up in a deliciously fun way!

There are trucks to ride, well we are not riding them on our own yet so mom has to push.
But it is just the most fun to be pushed!!!

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Michelle said...

You remind me of myself when I was given Austin's diagnosis. Austin was 17 months old so it wasn't too surprising but we just decided not to take things so seriously and continue having the same fun we were, just with added dr. appointments!