Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Celebration List

A while ago I felt God reminding me that I am to be a "praise-singer" for Matt, I'm to be his biggest fan, I'm to celebrate his triumphs big and small. This way I will not get caught up in stressing about all the things he can't do (like eating anything that isn't pureed) or I wish he was doing (like walking) or I wonder if he will ever do (like talking).

So I started by sticking up a Celebration List on my kitchen wall. On this list I write down all the things I celebrate. I try to do this every day, but sometimes I forget. Since Matt is turning 21 months tomorrow I thought it would be appropriate to share what I have written on my Celebration List in the last month...

Matt threw a ball for the first time.

Matt fed himself with a spoon for the first time (and then threw the spoon across the room - with much glee).

Matt opened the flaps in his book on his own.

Matt smiles at people and seems curious about them.

Matt ate his first FLING (a baked maize chip that is puffy so it melts easily in your mouth - but this is a HUGE achievement for Matt).

Matt initiated an interaction with a friend (whilst we were at church).

Matt drank 3 sips of thickened liquid from a normal cup.

Matt went shopping with me and wanted to touch and feel everything I put in the trolley.

Matt showed interest in my friends cat (up until then it has seemed like he hasn't noticed that cats exist).

Through Matt we have met many inspiring people that we would not have otherwise met.

Matt has started communicating that he wants more of an activity through body language.

Matt can cruise along the kitchen cupboards

Matt has learnt to wave

Matt has learnt that people wave when they say bye-bye

Matt has started drinking from his sippy cup by himself! (Up until now he has relied on me tipping the sippy cup into his mouth so he could drink from it).



Myssie said...

Way to Go Matt! Keep up the great work little guy!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

what a great idea! Im going to follow your lead, and make my own list:)