Sunday, June 22, 2008

Book Review: So Now What?

So Now What? Winning over depression and loving a boy with special needs. By Celeste Smith

This short but moving book is written by a mother of a boy Mitchy who has Cerebral Palsy and a measure of autism. I was touched by how honest Celeste was about the many struggles that she faced – from battling depression; to dealing with the grief of having a child whose life does not fit into the “normal” category; to managing the practical challenges of helping him develop. She shares thoughtful insights on interesting topics, such as: how to prepare her son to accept his disability; disciplining a disabled child; and the impact having a disabled brother/sister has on the siblings. I found I could glean many helpful hints that will enhance my parenting as well as my coping skills. Through out the book there is a thread of hope (even in the hardest times) and that hope is Jesus. Celeste weaves her faith into all aspects of raising her boy. This hope and faith ensures that the reader finishes the book with a real sense of celebration at the life of Mitchy.

I am sad to conclude this book review with the news that Mitchy died this last month of a drowning accident. I am broken by this news as I feel like to have known Mitchy personally after reading his story. My deepest prayers go out to his parents and siblings in this time.

(This book is published by the author in South Africa, 2008)

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