Monday, February 7, 2011

Who needs expensive toys??

Yesterday whilst I was putting Nic down for a nap, Matt discovered our pots and pans draw. I came downstairs to discover that all our pots, pans, lids, sieves, colander, baking trays, muffin trays, cake tins and cooling racks were scattered across our kitchen and lounge floor. Matt had taken ownership of the enormous wok lid, as well as the lid for a small camping kettle, and was busy spinning them on the floor. He was so engrossed - which one spins faster and longer. He didn't notice his mom quietly observing his fascination. The game changed - lets try them as hats - the big one came right down to his shoulders, the smaller one needed to be balanced on his head. I heard him chuckle as the small one tumbled to the ground. I busied myself in the kitchen (tidying up the cooking equipment), giving him space to explore on his own. Later I checked in on him and saw that he was still playing with the lids - this time hiding toys of various sizes under the lids. And stacking toys on top of the lids. I caught his eye - he excitedly signed and explained "..ig" big lid and then "....all" small lid.
Next he made his way outside into the splash pool with the lids. And discovered that the wok lid makes a good drum.

And when the drumming was done, he went for an imaginary drive with the steering wheel. He tried steering with the smaller lid, but decided the bigger one did a much better job.

Finally there was the matter of figuring out why the big lid floats whilst the smaller one doesn't. And why when you pull the big lid out of the water it seems to get stuck with the vacuum, whilst the smaller one can be pulled out with ease.

Who needs expensive toys when you are as curious as Matt? It was fun watching him learn.


Cindy said...

Smart boy! And he concentrates so well too!

Nicky said...

Matt definitely looks like he's having a ball of a time! Isn't it amazing just watching him being a little boy...... :)

Sysser said...

I love the "experiment" with the wok lid in the splash pool .. am looking forward to play this game with Matt on Sunday afternoon (now that I know where the wok lid is hiding :-)

Sawyer said...

Looks like he is having a lot of fun!