Saturday, February 26, 2011

We are going...

to the RTS international conference in Holland in May!!!!!

Check it out:

After months of discussion, dreaming, budgetting, praying, thinking, talking, planning, contemplating, and researching...we decided to go!

It's a family conference - so Matt is coming too, so is baby brother Nic (and so is Matt's granny to keep us all sane)

We are looking forward to meeting other families from across the world who have kids with RTS. Possibly also meet some adults with RTS. We hope to learn from the many workshops and talks.

And we can't just fly to Holland for 3 days and come home again...soooooo we are also going to Denmark for a week following the conference. My mom is from Denmark - she met my dad when he was travelling around Europe; they fell in love and the rest is history. She moved to South Africa, and I was born. We could never afford to travel to Denmark as a family. So I am looking forward to her showing us around her childhood places. And the added bonus is that my brother (and hopefully his wife) will join us in Denmark too. They live in Canada and we haven't seen them since they left for Canada 2 years ago. The cool thing is that my mom taught my brother and I to speak Danish so we will finally get a chance to use it on real Danes. We are trying to convince my dad to join us too - more budgetting and discussion needed there.

Anyway, I digress. We are going on an adventure and we are so excited.

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Cindy said...

Whoo hoo! I know you are going to love the conference. We especially enjoyed meeting adults with RTS, but it was very fun to meet the other kids too. And of course you have to do more than just fly to cool that you can bring your mom and visit her home country! I can't wait to read about your visit!