Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take 2

You would think that since we all adapted to Matt's of wearing a cast the first time it would be easier the second time around. Sadly not.

Maybe its because the weather is now much hotter and we are more aware of how much water play, swimming and bath time Matt is missing out on.

Maybe its because it is more uncomfortable - it contains plaster as well as fibre glass as it has been specially scuplted to Matt's arm to limit his movement (which is good for healing but makes it heavier); and it has a built-in sling keeping it firmly in place (the previous one's detachable sling lasted 10 minutes with Matt). The increased discomfort has made sleep hard causing great frustration and wakefullness at night!

Maybe its because he is not allowed to remove the sling even to put clothes on so he has to wear his t-shirt over his arm and cast, which doesn't really fit and is rather annoying.

Maybe its because the memory of how the cast was fitted brings back unpleasant feelings. Matt was put under anaesthetic so that the doc could manipulate into place his broken, angled bones and then put them in cast. After he came around from the drugs he was in the grumpiest mood he has ever been in (understandably - poor guy).

So what caused Matt to break his arm again, 2 weeks after his cast had been removed? No he didn't fall off a jungle gym or tumble down the stairs or get his by a truck...he was just walking, holding his teachers hand, decided to change direction, tripped and (while still being held by the other hand) caught himself on his arm at just the wrong angle. Same break, same arm.

Just 32 more sleeps.

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Cindy said...

That's something I'll remember when it happens in our house...count down the number of sleeps. I'm so sorry you're all going through this again. I pray for Matt's peace during his healing time, and for complete healing.