Saturday, November 6, 2010

Matt turns 4!

Matt's birthday celebration was simple and low key this year, but it was no less special for him. His birthday morning started with the opening of some fun presents. Sadly many of the toys required 2 hands! But he still was extremely pleased.
One present which didn't require 2 hands was his cute CARS hooded towel.

We did not do a big birthday party for Matt since our lives were a bit upside down as we were adjusting to life with a new born. So we decided to do an activity that he would really enjoy - we took him on a bus ride. This might sound a bit peculiar. But Matt absolutely LOVES buses. He points them out when we are driving. He could watch The Wheels of the Bus Song video 100 times and not get bored. He asks us to sing that song to him every night before bed. In South Africa our public transport system in not well developed and we rely exclusively on our car for transport. Matt has never been on a bus. His birthday treat was a bus ride along the sea front, followed by playing in a park and picnic with his grandparents, and the cherry-on-top was the bus ride back to the car again. The only word to describe Matts reaction: mesmerised.

The following week Matt's birthday was celebrated at his school. We provided the cupcakes. His teacher made him a crown and he blew out candles whilst his class mates sang to him. Matt was really chuffed with it. Here are pics that his teacher emailed us of the event...
When I think back on how far we have come in these 4 years I am overcome with gratitude. I remember the dark days of coming to terms with Matt's diagnosis and fearing that the rest of our lives would be filled with difficulty and sorrow. I would never have anticipated the joy. I also remember reading about RTS and what to expect. Developmental Delay (and more gut wrenching words) were used to describe my baby's future. I could not have imagined Matt at 4 years - a curious, joyful, determined boy who enjoys people; loves music, song and dance; kicks soccer balls with impressive power; makes his opinion known; is passionate about animals and trees; and whose personality is really too big to capture in words on this blog.
I am so proud of Matt. Happy Birthday!


Sysser said...

An event theme birthday, like a BUS ride, playing in the park and then ride back on the bus again, is a so much more memorable for a 4 year old than a sweets and cake party. Fantastic idea!! I just love Matt's hooded CAR towel :-)

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Matt! You are such a big boy, riding on a bus and blowing out candles! I'm so impressed with how much you are doing and really hope we can meet sometime! Being 4 is so much fun!

Your friend,

Valerie said...

Awww, happy birthday Matt!! It sounds like your birthday was such a fun day! I can't believe you're already 4! I remember reading this blog when you were still such a little guy, and now you're getting so big! Hope you have a fun year being 4!

From Valerie in the US.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!

I'm so proud of you buddy. You are growing up and doing brilliantly. You always bring a smile to my face and I hope we get to hang out lots more.

Love Mikey