Saturday, November 13, 2010

Challenging Expectations

Maybe he thought that since Matt can't talk he won't be able to understand or maybe because Matt has a syndrome he thought it unnecessary to explain anything to him.
Matt developed a limp so we took him to be checked out. The Orthopedic Surgeon was very friendly and kind - I can't fault him there. I give him credit for asking relevant questions and genuinely seeming to be interested in Matt. However, I was angered by the way he started to examine Matt.
Matt was lifted onto the examining table, squirming. And the doctor proceeded to manipulate Matt's legs and hips - all the time Matt is trying to get off the table. Doctor tries harder - physically, still no words.

I intevened: "Please explain to Matt what is happening and what you are doing. He really does understand"

I started to tell Matt what was happening and why we were on this strange table. The doctor looked surprised but followed my lead, telling Matt that he needed to check his legs.
Matt calmed down.
He asked Matt to bend his leg. Matt did.
He asked Matt to lift his legs. Matt did.
And the rest of the examination followed calmly with a co-operative Matt.
I think Matt expanded this doctors expectations.


Jessica said...

You show them Matt!! Way to go!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Good job mom!

Sysser said...

One is never too young to have ones instinct, feelings and opinions ignored. Well done Jacqui for showing how communicating with a child makes all the difference!! Am super proud of you too Matt!!

Cindy said...

Yep, he can sure communicate! And he sure told that doctor!