Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A milestone not found in a paediatric textbook

Matt’s ability to handle textures, as well as to co-ordinate chewing has really improved over the last month. He is trying new foods all the time and managing to eat them without gagging. On Friday we were loving our visit with my brother and sister in law – so much so that we lost track of time. Before we knew it, it was Matt’s supper time and we didn’t have any food for him. We decided to stop in at Steers and get Matt some "slap chips" (French fries) and a milkshake. We were rather nervous as we first let him bite into the chips – and to our joy he ate them with such skill and confidence you would have thought he had been eating them his whole life!! Next he happily drank the milkshake – from a cup!! Also a first!

I was so thrilled and overjoyed at Matt’s achievement.

How strange it must seem that I am so excited at my son eating “junk food”. Certainly not a milestone that one would find in a paediatric handbook. I was reflecting on why it was such a big thing. I think it is because it represents freedom and spontaneity. For so long we have had to be so careful to plan exactly how long we are going out for, and if it overlaps with a meal time we have to bring along the carefully pureed meals. Often social arrangements are cut short to get home on time. And whenever we feed Matt in public or at friend’s houses there is that ever-present fear of the “vomit monster”. We would always have to ensure that we had a vomit bowl handy before embarking on a meal – his vomits were that frequent to require this action.

Now all of that can change. We will still do our best to ensure Matt eats healthily (not always using the junk food option :) , but if we choose to be a bit spontaneous and things don’t go according to plan we now know we can find something for him to eat. And what joy to know that Matt has defeated that vomit monster – I hope we have seen the last of him.

So I celebrate the “slap chips” and milkshakes and look forward to more spontaneous, fun outings that are free from the vomit-monster fear.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Yay!!!! I look forward to this day! Right now we make all plans based on feedings. Since we tube feed it isnt easy to just feed him where ever we are. If he doesnt have the right support he might vomit, and then of course the pureed foods.
Im so happy for your new found freedom!

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

So pleased to hear this great news! Well done, Matt!

Cindy said...

What a great report! I know Natalie got a lot of "junk" food earlier than Lukas because the therapists were trying to get her to try different textures (textures not found in nature!) and I had to just let it go. But I agree, eating "normally" is a huge blessings, one that so many take for granted.

Kristi said...

yeah for Matt. That's great..

Sys said...

Wonderful news - Warms my heart - Mormor(Matt's Danish granny)

Kelly said...

That is great news! I am looking forward to the day when Max can eat a McDonald's french fry! How is Matt doing with his walking. Does he walk the majority of the time now. Another thing I am looking forward to. Kelly F

Kelly said...

Yeah! We had a milestone like that too. We love to go out to lunch on Saturdays and a few months ago we ordered lunch off the kids menu for AnnaKate and she ate it!! That is huge that we don't have to tote around food. I completely understand your excitement.

Kelly W.