Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Time

These last two weeks have been filled with fun as we have been catching up with Lloyd's family. His brother Lance aka Uncle Neeb was visiting from the UK, and Lloyd's parents visiting from Pietermaritzberg (the otherside of South Africa).

Lance has a beautiful house in Simonstown - and so this became the gathering place for the Tooke clan.
The house is stunning but not very toddler friendly, so it was a full time job keeping an eye on inquisitive Matt to make sure he didn't fall off the balcony, down the stairs or into the pool!

Here is rare moment - Matt resting.

Matt putting his hands to his mouth - his sign for food or drink.

Matt's favourite mode of transport.

This restaurant serves the best sushi we've had in Cape Town

(and that Lance has had in the UK!) Matt didn't eat Sushi, but enjoyed Granny's chips.

Another favourite mode of transport.

We weren't quite sure if Matt was loving or hating the wind here!

Exhausted after the outing!

Jumping with Grandpa in time to music (played by the purple caterpillar)

Reading with Granny

Touching noses with Grandpa

When there was a break in the rain we went for a short walk to find some penguins. Again Matt made use of his favourite mode of transport.

Here is Gaynor and Len who joined us for lunch on Saturday. Gaynor has been such a blessing to me as she babysits regularly. She and Matt have a special bond.

Here is a lovely family picture...Matt with his parents, and both sets of grandparents. My parents are to the left and Lloyd's to the right.


Kristi said...

What a beautiful happy family.. Loved the pictures.

Phillippa said...

Beautiful photos. I especially love the expressions on his grandparents' faces in the picture where Matt is sleeping. :-)

HennHouse said...

Beautiful photos!

Tarah said...

What a perfect family get together. The photos are great. You can tell that Matt is very loved.

Cindy said...

Beautiful! I can imagine trying to keep Natalie safe in that home too...she is always on the GO!

Christine said...

Look like you had a wonderful reunion with family. That last picture is so great, both sets of grandparent and his parents all together. Thanks for sharing Jacqui.

Larry said...

Thanks. Lovely post. Uncle Gume.

Ron , Jo and Jamie Bach said...

Lovely photos! Is Lloyd's mom a teacher? She looks like the Mrs Tooke who taught me Std 4 at Athlone in PMB!

Neeb said...

Wonderful pics. Matt was exhilarated by the wind- (I think)

Kelly said...

Matt is definately surrounded by a loving family! Looks like a great time! Kelly F