Sunday, April 12, 2009

Matt's physio reminded me that it has been a while since I had posted photos of Matt on our blog, let alone photos of Matt at physio. A good point. So here are some highlights from Matt's most recent physio session:

This is my physiotherapist Pam, in case you haven't met her yet.

Spinning the wheels of the car is fun - especially with two hands at the same time.

I like looking at what the other physiotherapists are doing with the other children.
In fact I enjoy my session a lot more if there is company around.

This is one of my favourite parts of our session - in the sink!!

Waterpolo training?

Hhhmm what are these foam things? What is this white stuff?

OK let me tell you - that white stuff doesn't taste that good!!!?!!

Peek a boo through the window of the tower that Pam and I built

Hhhmmm what is she doing with my hand??

Let me try this on my hand...rubbing back and forth...feels good!


Cindy said...

Great to see Matt again and doing so well. Thanks for sharing! And that's wonderful that you are learning sign and Matt is learning's made a huge difference with Natalie. I know that not all kids will speak, but with Natalie, she usually learns a sign first, then learns to add the spoken word for that sign. I pray that sign is a great help to you and Matt. Communication is great!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

He looks so big! Doing a great job with his therapy!
Good to see you again Matt:)

Myssie said...

He looks so big in the photos!! He has really grown! Great Job Matt! Keep up the great work!!

Kristi said...

The bath looks really fun Matt. And your therapy looks fun too. Love, Noah.

Sawyer said...

Looks like he is having a blast!