Friday, January 30, 2009

So what has been happening with Matt...

It has been a while since I have shared about Matt and how he is doing. Here are some updates:
~Matt ate a kettle fried crisp last week- it took a number of small bites but he did it and without choking.
~Matt's walking confidence is increasing day by day - he now happily walks a few meters at a time.
~Matt has started signing even though we weren't intentionally teaching him. Our ST always uses signs when interacting with Matt. I noticed the sign she used for butterfly so I showed it to Matt when we were playing with the big mobile butterfly in his bedroom. He is obsessed with this mobile. And next thing I know he is imitating me. He has since added 3 more to his vocab - push (he loves us when we push him around in the laundry bin); spin (he loves when we spin plastic lids, plates or rings); and DVD. He uses them consistenly for the correct items, but also seems to use them for everything else so we are not always sure what he is saying.
~Matt's PECS progress has plateaued a bit. I have been a bit slack over the festive season in doing it with him as often as I should - but that is changing. He struggles with the activity that aims to help him to choose between two preferred items. I don't think its a difficulty with distinguishing between the pictures that represent the items, I think he is still learning about choice and choosing one thing over another.
~Matt has started nodding when he wants to communicate YES.
~Matt has taught himself to ride his little truck (for a long while he could only go backwards, now he can go forwards too)
~Matt is able to eat soft vegetable cubes, rather than having his veggies mushed.
~Matt has started feeding himself with a spoon - that's only when he is very interested in the food. Often the spoon also gets tossed across the room with high speed, much to Matt's delight and entertainment.
~Matt likes it when his mom and dad kiss. So whenever I happen to have him in my arms and Lloyd comes to kiss me, Matt takes hold of Lloyd's neck, whilst also holding mine and pushes us together to make use kiss over and over again. It is very cute.
~Matt has developed an attitude and now expresses anger - when another kid takes his toy or when he can't do something he wants, or when we try to get him to sleep. Matt has often had difficulty falling asleep and would usually cry and whimper. Now he YELLS and lets everyone know in no uncertain terms that sleep is the last thing he wants to be doing. He still wakes up alot during the night and has a good YELL before going back to sleep - so we are often tired.
~Today Matt started attending a "toddler's music and movement" group. It last for an hour and moms are also part of the group. There are about 12 other kiddies who attend. It was such a good feeling to do something "normal" with Matt. He is the only kid in the class who has special needs. The teacher has been so welcoming and so great in understanding Matt and fitting him in the age group that is most appropriate for him. And Matt really enjoyed it once he settled in.
I think that is all for now...


Kelly said...

Matt you are doing lots of exciting things!! My favorite is liking the kissing between mommy and daddy. That melts my heart! Kelly F

Kristi said...

So good to hear how Matt is he doing. Sounds like a lot and I am proud of him

Terri H-E said...

Matt's been busy! Addie does the exact same thing with any sign of affection in our family, she dives in and wants to direct it by manipulating our arms/heads, whatever. That is funny Matt does it, as well.

Take care,

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I loved reading about all these things! So much he has done in so little time!
Go Matt!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I loved reading about all these things! So much he has done in so little time!
Go Matt!

Sawyer said...

Thanks for the update, I like to hear all of the fun thing and accomplishments he is doing.

Cindy said...

Did I miss the post where he was walking? (Or am I completely lame with my memory?) I'm so proud of him! Way to go!