Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Retelling the Gecko story

Matt's physiotherapist read the story of how Matt enjoyed chewing on a gecko, and this inspired her to write the following:

Analysing the action learning experience, interpreting Matthew’s point of view during the process and reflecting this back to him

A present from his neuro-developmental physiotherapist Pam Hansford

Take a dekko at this Gecko!
Is it ‘lekker’? I really want to know
So, closer and closer I go –
thinking, should I grab it, stab it
or let it go?

Touch it, jab it
reach for it and nab it –
pop it in my mouth
(uncouth – but quite delectable!)
savour the flavour …………………

Oh no, no, I’ve been caught
so all my careful planning,
(organising & sequencing)
has come to naught!

Did I ever mention
that fascinating situations
fraught with possibility
are often brought
to a sudden frustrating halt
by other’s intervention -
Ruining all those special plans I wrought.

No wonder I yell when others direct me into new situations!

(I act upset when it seems as if I am being corrected before I’ve had a chance to do something wrong! It takes time to learn as we build our best base of support in partnership with others. We discover slowly that “beyond independence lies inter-dependence”. Together we can go further, faster achieving the best outcomes!)

As far as I can see, it’s only self-directed activity
that takes me (and everyone else incidentally)

just where I want to be!
But – luckily for me, those in my immediate vicinity
and wider community can (along with me) generally see
Infinite possibility ……………………

So watch this space for more news of me!

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Valerie said...

:-D Very cute. A very lovely recount of the charming gecko story. lol.

I also enjoyed Grandpa's Poem. It seems that everyone has been thoroughly delighted by this! I know I certainly was.