Thursday, August 14, 2008

Matt's visit to Johannesburg

Two weeks ago we went up to Joburg for my cousin's wedding. Greg married beautiful Marcelle on a lovely sunny winter's day.

Matt enjoyed the plane trip. He played alot, smiled at the people, charmed the stewardesses and when he had had too much fun he slept on mom. It was a real pleasure travelling with him.

We stayed in the hotel the my cousin helps manage. He organised a stuning room for us - what a treat!! Lloyd was beside himself with glee when it came to the amazing breakfasts. And Matt fell in love with the swivel chair in the hotel room.

Can you find Lloyd in the beeeeeg bed?

It was also a wonderful opportunity for Matt to meet Jacqui's dad side of the family. He met his great grandmother who turned 90 this year. Though her body is frail her mind is active and her spirit is bright. She was delighted to meet Matt, but her little Maltese Poodle was quite put out by having someone the same size as her crawl around after her.

Matt also got to spend some fun time with Jacqui's aunt Scea (in the picture below) who taught him all about light switches, -how to push them up and down and how they make the lights go on and off. Matt was fascinated by this. Matt also got to meet Jacqui's aunt Marie, uncle Tom and cousins - Mark and Christopher (unfortunately we didn't get photos of them).

We also caught up with Kirsten, Jacqui's university friend.

And had a delicious Sunday lunch with Paul and Kath (radiantly pregant).

We were away for three night which was just long enough for it to feel like a little holiday and it was great to catch up with family and friends.


Muriel (Wipneus) said...

I can see Matt enjoyed the attention!! He is too cute!!

Stanzi said...

charming the ladies?! I want my turn too! Matt is just getting cuter and cuter!!!