Monday, September 10, 2007

On his Father's shoulders

I was spending time with some friends who have children the same age as Matt. I love to see how they grow and discover the world. Yet there is a tiny part of me that wishes Matt could do the same things that they can. I was trying to describe this feeling to Lloyd – “It’s like Matt is running a race at his school. All the parents are sitting in the stands watching the end of the race. The children come running in, a tight finish, everyone holds their breath to see who wins. But someone is missing; one child hasn’t finished the race. And then there comes little Matt – running determinedly, but slowly. Everyone watches as he crosses the finish line way after all the other children.” Lloyd was quick to point out that Matt isn’t running in that race - in fact there is no competition between him and other children. I knew this with my head, but my heart needed something more in order to remove the ache of seeing one’s child come last.

A few days later I was praying with a friend of mine, and God gave me a very clear picture. The same scene – the race at the school, parents on the stands, children crossing the finish line, where is our little boy? And then Matt rounds the corner – this time not alone – but riding on the shoulders of Jesus. Matthew’s face is bright with joy. Jesus’ eyes shining with laughter. Neither very concerned about the race at all. I felt God saying “Jax, I have Matt just where I want him, He’s with me and that’s all that counts”

Again God’s peace removed the ache.

Every time I see little Matt enjoying the ride on his father’s shoulders it reminds me that he is also riding his Father’s shoulders.

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