Saturday, September 29, 2007

Matthews 1st Birthday - 26th September 2007

The box is always more fun than the actual present.

Opening presents in Nature's Valley

Matt's birthday cap

Matt's birthday swim in Nature's Valley Lagoon

Matt's birthday celebration in Kirstenbosch Gardens

Cuddle time with his uncle, Kennet

Play time with Mormor (Danish for Grandmother)

Fun piggy back rides

Happy to be one years old!

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Craig, Taryn and our blessings said...

Hi Lloyd and Jax - I've just found your blog and read through it now. What a moving (seriously, you need a warning sign somewhere on your site - "bring tissues") and beautiful tribute to your son, but mostly to Jesus.

Thank you for choosing to use this site to bring glory to our Lord. Thank you for being honest about your struggles and thank you for showing Christ's strength in your weakness.

Matt is too gorgeous for words. I pray that he will defy all medical prognosis... yet I pray most of all that no matter what your future together that Matt will choose Jesus as his Saviour and will always always ride on His shoulders.

Much love, prayers and hugs,