Monday, June 2, 2014

Good Inclusion links

Here are two links that I have come across that I don't want to lose track of.

First is a moving, inspiring, and heart-warming speech by a mother who  shares why she is passionate about Inclusion for her son

And here is a great article written by a teacher who worked with children who have special needs in a setting where these children were educated in a separate classroom within a mainstream school...she shares some really useful perspectives on why Inclusion should be pursued...

Here are some of my favourite quotes from her article

"We have absolutely no way to know what a child will or will not be able to learn, and so the best we can do is assume competence and provide supports and accommodations that respond to the learner’s needs. Not parallel curriculum! Not different goals! Our professional obligation is to give all children full-time access to the general education curriculum (social and academic) via class membership that is valued."

"Belonging is a prerequisite for learning, and without a sense of belonging, learning is difficult."

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