Sunday, January 5, 2014

Matt's new school

Still catching up on 2013 blogging: Also in November Matt was invited on a personal tour to his new school. Not a huge-crowd-orientation-day with loads of kids, just Matt and his teacher assistant from his current school (and me). He was shown around the school, got to meet his teacher and facilitator, and some of the grade 1's took him under their wing.

Matt meets the school animals...

This little boy next to Matt was in Matt's current school last year, so he remembers Matt. He sensed that Matt was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Without prompting he showed such tenderness towards Matt.

These two boys spontaneously took Matt's hand to show him around the school. I was really touched by how eager they were to make Matt feel safe and at home.

 Matt being shown his classroom.

Matt's future teacher sitting with him whilst a grade 7 did reading with Matt. Once a week the grade 7s read to the grade 1s. Great role-modelling and mentoring opportunity. As Matt was visiting during this time he was included in the process. He really enjoyed it.

 Matt getting his shoes off: ready to get to work at the jungle gym.

Matt falling in love with the texture corner in the art room!

Meeting more of the "wildlife" at the school.

Matt's facilitator connecting with Matt over cars!
I'm not really sure how to end this post without gushing about how great I think Matt's new school is based on the effort that has been made by them to get to know Matt and to create opportunities for Matt to feel at home there. I am conscious that I wear rose-tinted spectacles - just because of their willingness to embrace Matt. And I guess time will tell if this school setting works for Matt. But I left this encounter feeling really hopeful about Matt's time there starting 2014.

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Ncumisa said...

Rose coloured glasses or not, it sounds very promising. I look forward to hearing a great report during the school year.
P.s. hope you are all loving your new home.