Sunday, January 5, 2014

Drummer Boy Matt

I think the reason I am sooo behind in my blogging is because the last three months of 2013 were really emotional for me, and Matt. Preparing to leave Matt's school Barkly House Harfield Road, despite the positive plans for his new school, was just hard. And so blogging was just avoided. And as I look over these photos (now with the distance of a month passed), I remember that constant knot in my stomach and the stinging tears lurking behind my eyes that seemed to dominate much of November and December.
But more of that in another post. Here are some fun pictures of Matt's role in the school's end of year Nativity Play. I love that all the children dress up and all the children participate in some way. The Grade Rs get to choose what part they wish to play, and Matt chose to be a drummer boy.
Matt and his partner drummer girl
Yes those Drummer Hats were big!

Matt's big moment: keeping the drum beat! Romelia sitting behind him reminding him to keep in time. Matt LOVES alternating fast beats with slow beats, and it took all his will power to keep the same pace.

Another favourite for Matt: doing song actions. I think it reminds him of his signing.

 The children all carefully filled off the stage and walked passed us to the changing rooms. As Matt neared where we were sitting, our little Nic couldn't contain his excitement and raced to hug Matt. Well it was more like a big, warm, rugby tackle due to the high levels of enthusiasm.

The shows over. Last photo before the costume comes off. Smiles all around!

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