Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Matt is celebrated at school

This fun celebration of Matt happened at the end of last term - in September. I forgot all about these pics - just found them today. Better late than never.
The tradition at Matt's school is for the birthday child to bring cake to share with classmates. Matt decided we should bring red cupcakes.

 No comments needed on these photos as Matt's facial expression in each one just says it all.
Oh and in case you wonder if this is the usual dress of staff and kids. Being the last day of the term is was a fancy dress day. (I love how the teachers also get all dressed up - shows their fun sense of humour and dedication)

A big thanks to Romelia (a special lady from the school who takes a VERY special interest Matt's learning) for the photos.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Robert Aumann im Matthews Uncle and im so happy in my glad that Matt is in this World ,i had tears running down my cheeks seeing the innocence and his kind Character and that look wonder in his eyes and his sweet face so full of expectations,what a wonderful testament to God the essence of love, how very precious to have this wonderful person in this world,so vulnerable but under every guardianship of love
kind regards Robert