Monday, May 7, 2012

Occupational Therapy

Matt has been seeing more of his Occupational Therapist these last few months. Previously we would meet with the OT once a year or so, she would assess Matt and recommend activities we could be doing in the home with him. This year she is helping him with some of his sensory issues and also the use of his hands. Check out some of the fun things they get up to in a session.

 Start off with a quick sensory brush

 Then some hand pushing

 Every session has a theme based on Matt's interest - today it was trains.

 Matt loving pretending to ride the train on the gym ball.

 Train puzzles

 Using the puzzle for some help with drawing.

 Let's read a train book

 And Matt's all time favourite thing - hanging out, bouncing and swinging in this very interesting, stretchy-fabric hammock. Great sensory input for Matt. He can't get enough

 Then some more drawing - this time on the mirror.

And to end, let's clean up. Spray, wipe the drawing off of the mirror.

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