Wednesday, June 22, 2011


These aren't just funky blue insoles to make Matt's shoes look hip. These insoles have given Matt the gift of stability. He was fitted with them at the end of April and in these last few weeks we have seen a real improvement in Matt's walking, jumping, running, stair-climbing and his general ability to remain upright and not stumble. It has been fun watching him confidently approach steps. He now loves jumping - he will bounce around the house with much laughter. His confidence in running has meant increased enjoyment of ball games with dad.

Matt's orthotist has a very impressive electronic mat that can sense the way in which someone walks. He gets Matt to run over it a couple of times, and then his computer shows exactly how Matt is overstepping on the inside or outside of his foot, and which part of this foot he uses in the different moments of his stride. That way he can create an insole that best supports Matt's foot. In addition the orthotist provides an extensive follow up, making alternations if necessary - each time checking how Matt's feet are working using his electronic mat thing. I am not sure if I explained it all clearly and correctly- but it was really impressive. And it has made such a noticeable difference in Matt's stability.

Thanks to Matt's physio, Pam, who recommended we pursue this for Matt.


Christine said...

WOW! The technology that is availble now- what a gift! So glad it's making a positve difference for Matt.

Cindy said...

That's so cool! Natalie's inserts made a real difference too, but they weren't prescribed in such a high-tech fashion!