Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What has Matt been up to at his physio sessions this year?

Here are some of the activities he enjoyed in his session this week.

Bouncing on a ball

Building on Matt's interest in kicking balls, Pam introduced Matt to this new activity of dribbling a ball around a figure of eight. She gave hime a chance to get a feel for it, but did not force him to stay longer than he was interested.

And then to the kitchen for Matt's favourite - ice cream. Lots of licking. And an opportunity for Pam to work on his back.

And some stretching in between the licking

Look how well I am sitting, and licking on my own.

Then back to the new dribbling activity - and Matt really goes for it because now he is familiar with the game.

Laduma Matt Laduma*

*Laduma means "for it thunders" in isiZulu and is shouted in soccer when a goal is scored!


Kristi said...

Matt is doing great. I'm so proud of all he has accomplished.

Sysser said...

I am so impressed with Pam's and Matt's teamwork :-)

Pam said...

Thanks Sysser - working with Matt is so exciting - the highlight of my week - he is the master of teamwork as this is of course his learning framework at home too - he is so appreciative, has a truly great sense of humour, and the more we can relax him the more the sounds and words emerge! Wish you could have seen him concentrating and following my directions on this figure of 8 'dribbling course'
He is so proud of what he can do and say and loves to celebrate success. He understands everything and often makes a quick sign to participate in the conversation - better stop I can go on forever about him! :-)