Monday, August 30, 2010

Reflecting back - the birth

Despite anticipating premature labour, by the time we reached the 30s weeks I thought that we would carry to term. I couldn't see what would prompt early labour if it hadn't already happened. So in my mind I was expecting to carry until the end.

On the 18th August, at 35 weeks, the membranes of our little dead twin's sac ruptured. After a lot of debate and discussion our gynaecologist decided it was best to get our healthy twin out as soon as possible as the risk of infection in my womb was now very high. And my body concurred with this decision as I soon went into labour.

Only thing was Lloyd was writing his neonatology subspeciality exams on that day, and the following. So my courageous husband came home from exams, took me to the hospital, watched the birth of his baby, supported his wife, went home and wrote the 2nd part of exams.

We had planned to do a lot after Lloyd's exams - including deciding on the name of the baby, finishing off the nursery, going on a romantic weekend away, finishing off work... So our little boy didn't have a name for the first few days of our life, and we have had to be fexible with our life plans.

We chose the name Nicolas because it means Victorious. We felt that this reflects God's purpose for his life. His second name is Michael - after my father.

What a relief to see that he was healthy and well - even though he was born at 35 weeks. Nicolas was in the High Care Ward for one night only - mainly to monitor his breathing. After that he spent most of his time with me. In the beginning he struggled a lot with breast feedings, and received his feeds through a naso-gastric tube, but more about that in the next post.

My heart rejoices in the Lord. 1 Samuel 2:1


Cindy said...

He's such a beautiful boy! What a wonderful blessing.

Kristi said...

He is a beauty. And my Nicholas says he likes his name.. Hugs.

Kristi said...

He is beautiful . And my Nicholas says he loves his name. Hugs to you.