Sunday, December 13, 2009

Physio Update

These pictures were taking a couple of weeks ago at Matt's physio session. Just so you can see what he has been up to...

Matt enjoying moving the chicken in and out of the farm door.
Learning to move around corners, and putting "in" and taking "out".

Helping Pam to build a bridge using physio blocks.
Pushing the block forward bit by bit, and building the foundation

More building..including lifting heavy blocks. Fun, but hard work.

Matt makes a game of sliding down on his tummy. He found it hilarious.
Learning to walk up and down slopes. After a little help, Matt tries it on his own.

Learning to step up and down

What would a physio session be without some water and shaving cream. Look at those beautiful hands.


Kristi said...

Looks like Noah and Matt are working on the same things. He looks great. Hope you are all well.. Happy Holidays.

Kelly said...

What great work Matt is doing!!

Happy Holidays!

Kelly W.

Pam said...

Stunning hands indeed thanks Jacqui - you have certainly conveyed the sense of ongoing process in a collaborative partnership and the importance of putting fun into FUNction! I love to think of how Matt's love and our common joy and celebration of his achievements radiate out to the world through your amazing photographs and reflections - my favourite is Matt's face framed and contained by my arms and body as he smiles proudly at the camera over the blue block we are placing carefully in the 'bridge'structure!
Happy and blessed Christmas to all love Pam

Terri H-E said...

Oh, my. He's not a baby anymore, is he? Big boy Matt.