Sunday, May 17, 2009

No limits

She had a shy but radiant smile at first. She was one of those people who, when you met her, were invited into her “real” self immediately. It seemed that she did not want to play the social games of “hide and seek”. I was warmed to her quickly. Her name is Jess.

Last Saturday our physiotherapist had invited us to meet Jess and her mother. I had previously heard inspiring stories about this young lady: how she had been given a “no-hope” diagnosis, and how her parents had been told that she would never be able to read or write. Today she can send text messages and surf the net. She has raised money for her personal needs – like buying plane tickets, a keyboard, air-conditioner, and many more useful items – by making and selling beaded angels.

Her mother had a kind smile and was delightfully interested in Matt. I could see that she had a deep and firm strength to her – most likely built through the years of raising a child with special needs. Yet her strength did not overpower her gentle and inviting manner. I enjoyed hearing her share about being a mother to Jess. I was very encouraged.

Although our visit was short as Matt needed to head home for nap, it was a precious encounter. Jess is a role model for me – a picture of how a young person with special needs can develop into an insightful, humorous, and confident adult. Interacting with her has strengthened my belief that we need to be so careful and so intentional about never putting any limits on Matt’s ability or development.

I hope to see Jess again – I have placed an order for some of her beaded angels so I am sure we will.


Cindy said...

Isn't it true? I never thought Natalie would be doing as much as she's doing now...hopefully soon I will stop putting limits on her in my mind.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Everyday I need to remember there are no limits! Thanks!